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It has been over a year (jan 2011) since I went back to Abercrombie store in Wellington, Fl, to exchange my merchandise and they gave me a "merchandise credit card" . Couple months later I went to Boca Raton Store to use it and since than I"m not able to pay w/ the card.

They say I have no balance left, but the card was never used and if it was as they claim, they should able to say when and where. Also when you call the # on the back of the card to check the balance, the message say "Your card is not activated" but nobody knows how to activate it. Very frustrating...

considering open a complaint!!!

Monetary Loss: $95.

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I visited the Abercrombie and Fitch store at the Willowbrook Mall in Texas, where everything smells awful because they have sprayed too much of their perfume throughout the store. I was with my two teenage daughters.

We are not originally from here and we are honest. We were not aware that in this store we would have to be mindful that everyone is assumed to be a thief until proven innocent. Seriously, how do you people put up with these arrogant, nothing little clerks acting this way?? They are all so rude at Willowbrook.

When my two daughters shared a dressing room, as they have for years at other Abercrombie and Fitch stores without incident, Janeen came charging across the room and started pulling on the door handle to the dressing room. I asked her what was wrong. She would not address me but started yelling at them about a policy where only one person can be in their fitting room at a time. I still don't know how she was getting any air into her lungs to yell.

The perfume smell was choking me. I could not find a policy posted and where was she when they needed the fitting room?? Not there. All of the clerks were chatting at the register without a customer in sight.

She would not let me to the fitting room door to get them. She kept pulling at the handle and yelling at them while I could hear my daughter saying, "I have to put my clothes back on first". I made the minimum-wage clerk move and explained to my daughters what was wrong. They were shocked but came out with their items they wanted.

I took the four pairs of jeans and numerous shirts from them, left them in the fitting room and we went to the Woodlands Mall where the normal people work and shop. We purchased all without incident and strangely enough the clerk was helpful, no policy was stated and we tried things on and made our purchases there. I intentionally bought more at this location because they were so helpful and nice.

The Woodlands Abercrombie store is the way to go, always! There were so many ways for this Janeen to handle this and this is what she came up with but she didn't proclaim to be bright, just mean.

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