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Well... to begin with, I am fond of Abercrombie.

I have always bought clothes there, and I am willing to shop there in future. However, I am very disappointed with my experience at Abercrombie in the Westfield Mall which is located in Hawthorn, Illinois. The employees are usually friendly and kind, but this employee in particular, which I do not remember her name, was very rude and disrespectful. My experience with this employee begins like this.

She was handling the transaction of the products that I bought today. Today, May 16th, 2015, Abercrombie was doing their sale of giving 30% of discount when bought $150 and more. We bought $400 amount of clothing, and we had our whole family in the store. She printed out the receipt of $300 (we got our 30% discount there), saying that she cannot process more of the transaction due to Abercrombie's rule.

Afterwards, she had processed another $100 of our purchase with lower amount of discount, which we were supposed to get the same discount as the one before because we had purchased over $150 in total. When we asked her to make it of the same discount as we received, she declared, "NO!" Also, she was mocking us by saying, "You should be grateful that I had let you buy more than 20 items." However, this rule does not apply to us because we had four people in the store, so we could at least buy 80 items in total. How ridiculous! Anyway, we asked politely if she could take out some items off the first transaction and give it as a store credit to process our another transaction (the $100 one).

She was very rude and obnoxious at the beginning, and the intensity increased as we asked that. She became very disrespectful, and she was being nasty against us by her actions&words. This was one problem, and another problem was that she consumed up so much time! She herself admitted that it would take up to 20 minutes to change.

This is a serious problem because she should have done the right thing at the beginning so that she won't take up so much time of ours.

To wrap it up, the woman who works at Hawthorn, who had brown or dirty blonde hair with glasses and tall, was so rude and obnoxious in her behaviors and words. We are very displeased with this experience because one, we weren't being treated right, and two, this consumed a whole 40 minutes

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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A simple and logical solution: Each family member purchase 20 items each, then there would have been no need for all the drama.


Your whole complaint lacks credibility because at the end you chose to describe the employee. I have a hunch she wasn't as rude as you were.

Why didn't each member of your family buy $150.00 worth of clothes and then each one of you would have got the discount, instead of lumping the purchases together? That would have made more sense. But when the cashier tried to explain the store policy to you, you got argumentative. To me it sounds like you were trying to rip the store off, and when that didn't work you became rude and argumentative.

Stores do have rules.

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